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Custom Church Lighting Fixtures

Most churches have lighting needs that can't be met by standard residential or commercial fixtures.

  • Perhaps your church's ceiling characteristics limit your lighting options.
  • You may have an artistic motif, that needs to be reflected in the lighting.
  • Artech can solve all of your custom church lighting needs.

Our lighting engineer, John McNicholas, is a Church Lighting expert.

John McNicholasJohn McNicholas

John has over 25 years of expertise in Church Lighting.

He began his career, at a large lighting design firm in New York City.

He began as a mechanic and was eventually promoted, to the Manager of Production. He left, in 1990, to start his own company.

In 2006 John joined Artech's team, as our lighting specialist.

Since then, our clients have benefited from his vast experience with production, fabrication, design and restoration of church lighting fixtures.

Artech's Custom Church Lighting Process

Made-to-order church lighting may seem expensive, time consuming and complicated.

Our simple process will help you get started.

1. Tell us a bit about your sanctuary.

Simply send us a photo of your sanctuary and existing lights, with their dimensions.

If you already have an idea of the type of church lighting you wish, you can send us a sketch, drawing or CAD file of the type of fixture you have in mind.

2. We then provide you with a drawing and quote.

Our quote includes dimensions and fixture details, as well as determining the correct number of fixtures needed in your space.

Church lighting should not only provide adequate illumination but also complement the sanctuary's or church's architecture.

Finally, your church lighting should be efficient and be easy to maintain.

Other considerations for more efficient lighting are:

  • Building dimensions (length, width, and height of the ceiling)
  • Locations of electrical outlets in church
  • Locations of structural members such as beams, columns, balconies and platforms
  • Locations of the seating or specific areas that need illumination
  • Building style (traditional, colonial, contemporary).

Energy Savings

With today's fast rising energy costs and reduced church budgets, the compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) are warm balanced light that match the feel of incandescent, with a rated life of 20,000 hours or approximately 20 times longer than incandescent.

When considering the difficulty and costs of placing fixtures, in hard to reach locations, like above pews or in high ceiling spaces, one quarter of the energy cost and twenty times the life expectancy makes a lot of sense!

Example Installation

Immaculate Heart of Mary in Danbury, CT has a medium-size sanctuary.

Their existing church lighting utilized just a handful of undersized cans that put out very little light.

Their sanctuary was very poorly lit, but the church didn't want to run new wiring throughout the building.

We custom-designed and built four main sanctuary chandeliers with energy- efficient bulbs that generate a lot of light.

The chandeliers provide plenty of light with limited energy usage. This saved the client costly electrical installations and the church continues to save, with reduced electric bills.

church lighting rendering
custom fixture rendering

custom church light fixture
custom fixture after installation

custom church lighting fixtures

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